Live without Limits

Go where you want, how you want, when you want, with a Harmar Vehicle Lift. 

  • Hitch Mount- This type of lift is attached to the vehicle by means of a hitch and consists of an actuator and platform which secures and carries a manual chair, scooter, or powerchair. 
  • Hoist Lifts-Inside Lifts are mounted in the vehicle’s cargo area with a hoist mechanism that swings outside the vehicle to load and lift the mobility device into the vehicle.
  • Hybrid Lifts- Hybrid lifts are mounted in the vehicle’s cargo area and are designed to move out and down so the mobility device is loaded onto the platform on the ground. It’s then lifted automatically into the vehicle for transport. 

Wondering which Harmar lifts are suitable with your vehicle and mobility device? Our compatibility calculator can help. Fill out your vehicle’s year, make and model, then specify your device. The compatibility calculator will do the rest!

Compatibility Calculator​​​

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