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G3 Electric Scooter

G3 Electric Scooter

Riders looking for high performing specs without digging into the higher price range will love the G3. The G3 reaches speeds up to 15 miles per hour and travels up to 18 miles per charge, helping you get to and from your destination better than ever before.


  • 18 Miles per charge
  •  15.5 MPH Max Speed
  •  300W Avg. Motor
  •  8.5" Air filled tires
  •  Dimensions: 42.3" x 17.9" x 47.4"
  •  Weight: 37.5LBS
  •  Charge Time: 4-5 Hours
  • Specifications

    General Specs:  
    What is the maximum weight for rider? 100kg/ 220 lbs
    What is the minimum age requirement for rider? 16
    Is there Assembly Required? yes
    Product Weight & Dims :  
    What is the platform height? 142mm
    What is the ground clearance? 85mm
    What are the assembled product dimensions? 1076L*455W*1204H
    What is the weight of the physical product? approx 16.5kg
    Motor / Brakes/ Materials:  
    What size is the motor? 8.5 inch 36V300W
    What is the maximum speed? approx 18mph
    What is the riding range / distance? approx 18 miles
    What is the maximum climbing degree? approx 14 degree
    Does it have dual motors? no
    How is steering controlled? handbar
    What is the minimum turning radius? 885mm
    What / Where do you put your feet, does it have pedals? yes
    What kind of brakes? front +rear electro brake / disc brake
    How is braking controlled? left handle front brake,right handle rear brake
    Manufacturing Materials:  
    What is the chassis (frame) material? Aluminum alloy A6061
    What are the other main materials used? inflaming PC
    What are the features and benefits of the materials used...if any? atigue and fracture resistant, durable.
    What kind of tires does it have? front + rear pneumatic tire 
    What is the tire size? 8.5 INCH
    What are the tire materials? rubber
    What are the features and benefits of the tires? vibration reducing perfermance good
    Does it have headlights? yes
    How many Lumins are the headlights? 100 lm
    Does it have tail lights? yes
    What kind of LED lights does it have? NO
    Is it foldable? YES
    Does it have speakers? no (bell)
    Does it have bluetooth? optional
    Does it have a display screen? YES
    What does the display screen show? speed/trip/gear/turning signal/frint light/BATTERY INDICATOR
    Does it have gears? no
    How do the gears work? no
    Does it have cruise control? If so what are the controls? YES( hold throttle for 10s)
    Is there any app? If so what are its features? no
    What are the troubleshooting options? NO
    Can it be calibrated? NO
    Is there a training mode? How do you engage training mode? NO
    Is it self-leveling? NO
    Are there any features not listed we should know? WATERPROOF:IP X6
    What is the battery type? Lithium-ion battery
    What is the charging time? approx 4.5 H
    What is the battery voltage? 36V
    What are the power requirements? 36V 7.8AH
    What is the battery operating temperature? -4F-160F
    What is the battery initial capacity? 280.8WH
    What is the battery charging temperature? 32F-113F
    What is the storage time of the battery (-4°F to 77°F)? ONE YEAR
    What is the relative humidity for battery storage? 45%~75%
    What is the charger input? AC 100-240V~ 50/60HZ 2.0A
    What is the charger output? DC 42V 2.0A
    What is the charger model? FY0634202000
    What is the charger manufacturer? Shenzhen Fuyuan electric power supply Co.,Ltd
    What are the features and benefits of the battery? 1.long cycle life 2.quick charge 3.low self discharge
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