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Alpha XL Electric Bike

Alpha XL Electric Bike

With all the power and upgraded features of the Emerge, the Alpha XL is a powerful commuter electric bike designed for taller riders. The three speed settings on the digital display screen make this model easy to control.


  •  26 Miles Per Charge
  •  20 MPH Max Speed
  • 350W Avg. Motor
  •  29" Air Filled Tires
  •  Dimensions: 72.8" x 25.6" x 44.9"
  • Weight: 50.8Lbs
  •  Charge Time: 5 Hours
  • Specifications

    Maximum User weight 265 lbs.
    What is the platform height? 36"
    What is the ground clearance? 10"
    What are the assembled product dimensions? 44.9"
    What are the folded product dimensions? This e-bike is unfoldable.
    What is the weight of the physical product? 51 lbs
    Motor / Brakes/ Materials:  
    What size is the motor?  36V 350W
    What is the maximum speed? 20mph
    What is the riding range / distance?(Pedal-assisted mode) 19.8-26miles (cement road/asphalt road)
    What is the riding range / distance?(Pure electric mode) 13.6-16.7miles (cement road/asphalt road)
    What is the maximum climbing degree? approx  14 degree
    Does it have dual motors? no,rear motor powered
    How is steering controlled? handlebar
    What is the minimum turning radius? 270cm
    What / Where do you put your feet, does it have pedals? yes
    What kind of brakes? Front and rear disk brake  
    How is braking controlled? right handle rear disc brake/left handle front disc brake
    Manufacturing Materials:  
    What is the chassis (frame) material? 6061 Aluminum alloy 
    What are the other main materials used? iron and ABS
    What kind of tires does it have? front + rear pneumatic tire 
    What is the tire size? 29"
    What are the tire materials? rubber
  • Battery

    What is the battery type? Ternary lithium battery 18650/ Cylindrical
    What is the charging time? 4-6 Hours
    What are the battery voltage and capacity? 36V 7.5AH
    What is the battery operating temperature?  -4F-160F
    What is the battery total capacity? 270WH
    What is the battery charging temperature? 32F-113F
    What is the storage time of the battery (-4°F to 77°F)? ONE YEAR
    What is the relative humidity for battery storage? 45%~75%
    What is the charger input? AC 100-240V~ 50/60Hz  2A
    What is the charger output? DC 42V 2A
    What is the charger model? FY-4202000
    What is the charger manufacturer? Shenzhen Fuyuan electric power supply Co.,Ltd
    What are the features and benefits of the battery? 1.long cycle life 2.quick charge 3.low self discharge
  • Features

    Does it have headlights? yes
    How many Lumins are the headlights?  260-280lm
    Does it have tail lights? no
    What kind of LED lights does it have?  spotlight
    Is it foldable? no
    Does it have speakers? NO, but there's an electric horn installed in headlight
    Does it have bluetooth? NO
    Does it have a display? Yes,there's a LED display.
    What does the display show?  Battery indicator, power switch, front light switch, and gear switch.
    Does it have gears?  Yes,it has 3 gears, LOW-8.7mph, MED-14.3MPH, HIGH-20MPH
    How do the gears work?  Press the MODE button to switch gear
    Does it have cruise control? If so what are the controls?  NO
    Is there any app? If so what are its features? NO
    What are the troubleshooting options?  NO
    Can it be calibrated?  NO
    Is there a training mode? How do you engage training mode?  NO
    Is it self-leveling?  NO
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